The people behind the music platform have a new baby: Artgrid. With they have already made it their business to make life easier for content creators and created a music platform with easy license management and flatrate thinking. This has already saved me countless hours of work and at the same time enriched my videos with good music. I have written about this in more detail here. There you can also get 2 months for free if you don’t know Artlist yet and you want to test the music platform.

For their new video platform called Artgrid, they have also made it their business to provide B-roll footage without much license management. Thanks to the first very high-quality content producers in the network, there is already some video material available that cannot be compared to the classic stock footage. Of course, I have already registered and tested the platform, which is currently in the beta phase.

    Proven Artlist concept also works with Artgrid

    Artlist users will notice that the entire website concept was simply based on the Artlist successes. So the whole Artgrid website comes in the same outfit and uses the same search mechanisms and filter methods. With Artgrid, you can filter for filmmakers, video themes or shot types with just a few clicks. Especially interesting: The shot types. You can use them to pre-filter the existing footage by location (interior / exterior) format (4K+, raw & log), speed (realtime, slow, super slow, fast) or camera movement and framing. Very, very practical.

    Artgrid has also adhered to the “shopping cart principle”. During the search, videos can be easily placed in the shopping cart one after the other. With a click on Checkout you will receive an e-mail with all download files or a click on “My Footage” leads to the selected material, which is downloaded one by one directly via the platform.

    Simple license management thanks to Artgrid

    Lizenzfreies Stock Videomaterial von - Ein Erfahrungsbericht der Flatrate
    Prices and plans with their features at a glance. Artgrid the video flatrate

    Due to the larger selection and more important technical characteristics of the respective video files, Artgrid is currently available in 3 different flat rate subscriptions.

    With Professional, Artgrid addresses the real video people. With Creator, especially Content Creators get the perfect package. If you only need a little B-Roll material or maybe only film a little, you might already be satisfied with the cheapest version, the Junior Plan. No matter which plan you choose, every subscription guarantees the “Universal Artgrid License” and “Unlimited Downloads” for a whole year. That’s the duration of every Artgrid plan.

    RAW / Log Clips
    Log Footage
    4K Clips
    ProRes / DNxHR
    HD Clips
    Graded Footage
    Universal Artgrid License
    Unlimited Downloads
    1 Year Subscription Plan
    4k Clips
    ProRes / DNxHR
    HD Clips
    Graded Footage
    Universal Artgrid License
    Unlimited Downloads
    1 Year Subscription Plan
    HD Clips
    H.264 Format
    Graded Footage
    Universal Artgrid License
    Unlimited Downloads
    1 Year Subscription Plan
    50,00 Dollar / Month
    (599 Dollar per year)
    40,00 Dollar / Month
    (479 Dollar per year)
    25,00 Dollar / Month 
    (299 Dollar per year)

    With the free test account you can already test the interface and view the current material. Only the download function is not yet activated in the trial month.

    The Artgrid facts at a glance

    1. Hand selected material from videographers from all over the world
    2. All rights of use are included
    3. Three simple price models (Junior, Creator and Professional)
    4. No hidden costs!

    The Artgrid license for video footage

    Like Artlist, the Artgrid license is relatively simple and very convenient for the users. Because it covers both commercial and non-commercial uses of the footage for all platforms worldwide. Even after the end of your annual membership you can continue to use the videos without the risk of producing extra costs. The only thing you won’t be able to get is new footage after you cancelled your subscription.

    • For private and commercial use on any platform worldwide
    • All packages give you access to the entire Artgrid library
    • New material every day

    My review of so far

    Just like Artlist, the platform is super easy to use and very straightforward. The flatrate principle with an “all-inclusive” license for all uses makes it much easier especially for the users, because the license management is omitted. One could really attribute to the founders that they “reinvent stock platforms”. The annual plan will certainly put off one or the other at first glance, because you pay almost 300 euros directly. In reference to the other stock providers, however, this is a very fair price.

    The disadvantage of any stock platform is of course the non-exclusive content. One can assume that especially the modern and well-graded content will be used very often and will be identified very quickly as stock footage by consumers of the final videos. That’s why I would be careful about how much stock footage I use, especially for commissioned work.

    But for all free works Artgrid is already a real recommendation in my opinion, which makes missing mood-shoots and B-Roll super easy to access. As already with Artlist, there is a clear recommendation from me.

    More information about the license, the footage and the payment can be found in the Artgrid FAQ.

    Short video with Artgrid contents by Hans Peter Schepp

    A nice example of what you can find on Artgrid is this short video. It is completely cut out of video content by Content Creator Hans Peter Schepp, which you can find on Artgrid of course and which is available to you in the flatrate model after registration with all rights.

    Short video with video content from Omri Ohana on Artgrid

    Another good example is this clip with content from Omri Ohana. Is by far one of my favourite videographers on the Artgrid platform and has already uploaded countless clips with different moods. For one or the other project I have already used his content. You can also get his clips with a subscription to This clip is a result of his “Writer” snippets. discount code for your stock footage flatrate

    You have already made a decision and are simply looking for a discount code for your subscription? Then I can help you. There are no real discount codes for, but there is a partner link. If you sign up for your subscription via the following link, you will get two months on top of Artgrid for free. So you save at least 2/12 on your next subscription.

    Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links from Artgrid. You don’t have to pay one Euro more, but you support my work as a photographer and blogger. So if you find my recommendation useful, I would be happy if you subscribe via my links. Thanks for the support.