How long did I search with Kristof for a decent solution for licensing background music for our YouTube videos. With, we found the perfect music flatrate for your and my videos. Beforehand, we really tried everything. TheMusicBed, Soundcloud, artist accounts on Myspace or YouTube. Just everything. The biggest criticism was either the waiting time or the 100 different licenses to choose between.

With the Israeli startup, Kristof has finally found a really pleasant and uncomplicated solution. You may already seen their beautifully made videos flickering across your screen on the social web. In contrast to many other audio archives, Artlist specializes in a simple licensing model in the form of a flat rate. For a really cheap (!) 199 $ a year you can get a huge pile of music that can be downloaded, used and played endlessly. Without annoying restrictions.

Especially the intuitive interface of Artlist makes music research pleasant

The developers do one thing exactly right with it. They have built what I expect from a portal for background music: it facilitates my work. The intuitively and stylishly built website with its mood archives and genre filters rounds off the overall offering perfectly. Therefore, in my opinion, music research is no longer an annoying work step. Never before has it been so efficient and easy to find and buy music for your own purposes. I am simply a fan of it. As you probably already noticed.

The license facts for your music flatrate at a glance

  • Unlimited number of downloads
  • non-commercial and commercial usage rights
  • Lifetime usage rights for each downloaded song
  • incl. approval for your YouTube monetization
  • New songs to choose from every month

In almost all my videos of the last 6 months tracks were used already. If you would like to get an impression of Artlist yourself, you can get 2 free months by clicking the following link. The music flatrate for your videos can be cancelled within 14 days, after that, you have to pay annually in advance. However, I’m pretty sure that you will like it and you’ll never have to spend hours searching the internet for suitable and licensable music again. That’s a promise. I hope that one or the other of you will save some time in the future!

The “Spread the Love!” ad by Artlist

Spread The Love – The official video campaign for the music flatrate for your videos

Refinance the music flatrate for your videos

For many people 200,00 USD per year sounds like a lot of money, since Artlist is paid at one go and not in small monthly subscription fees. But those who have used other platforms before already know that with other administration licenses a 0.99 Euro song with the proper license for YouTube, App, Web and so on can easily cost 700.00 Euro or more. Conversely, this also means that Artlist can already be much cheaper by using one single suitable song than licensing it from case to case. Besides that, you save a lot of work.

An example: The customer has decided on a song – you license for the YouTube video properly. Later, the customer wants to use the song in a new image video on their booth at a fair. Here, it is very likely that you will have to re-license. With Artlist, you don’t have to. One or two jobs a year can already refinance your Artlist fee. All the free projects that you have to license from other service providers, although cheaper, are not included.

Artgrid – The new stock video platform from the makers of Artlist

Note: If you already use for your videos or are looking for a similar model for moving image content, you should have a look at The second baby of the makers is supposed to save you time and money when you buy stock video material. I’ve reported a bit more about the platform here in the blog.

10 more reasons for your subscription

If you are still not quite sure if is worthwhile for your videos and applications, I recently put together my personal top 10 reasons for an membership. Maybe it helps you with your decision making! Otherwise, I’ll be happy to answer any questions in the comments below or you can send me a DM in one of the countless social media networks. You are also welcome to send me a classic e-mail on the topic. I’m always happy about new input and answer all e-mails in detail and in peace.