Below you will find some Motion Array experiences and information about the stock material platform for creatives and content creators. From the right music to sound effects, templates, stock video and much much more. Motion Array combines everything a creative needs for content production.

The platform has been around for a few years and has had time to develop bit by bit. Since last year, it belongs to the creators of Artlist and Artgrid, which further expand their platform portfolio and now really bundle any kind of stock material on one platform.

What Motion Array offers

  • Unlimited downloads for the whole marketplace for all demands
  • Over 80,000 premium quality files. From design templates to contemporary stock videos to audio files that will help you make your own production even better.
  • Helpful plugins and effects for your video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere and Co, with which you can achieve even better results in a short time.
  • No hidden fees.

Motion Array Review – Assets and media in detail

  • Templates
  • Presets
  • Motion Graphics
  • Plugins
  • Royalty-free Music
  • Soundeffekte
  • Videos
  • Fotos

8 reasons that make Motion Array so recommendable

  1. Wide selection and good quality that meets every need
  2. Membership can be paid either monthly or annually and you can use the downloaded files for anything.
  3. You can cancel your subscription at any time, but the files used until then may remain in your projects used until then.
  4. There are no hidden costs or licenses.
  5. It is simple and clear. In a few seconds you can download and use files, plugins and assets.
  6. Motion Array is one of the platforms for stock material with the largest selection.
  7. You can test Motion Array for free
  8. The built-in review platform gives you the ability to speed up the video approval process.

Motion Array Review – Costs at a Glance

Motion Array Erfahrungen / Motion Array Review
Da die Preise sich ändern können, schaut gerne auch nochmal direkt in die Preistabelle von Motion Array

Paying $249.99 annually saves you $109.89 and some receipts in accounting compared to the monthly membership.

My recommendation: Subscribe to the service for one year and save the renewal date in your own calendar. Then you can try the service for a good price of $21 for the first year, and if you find you use it less than you thought, cancel before renewing.

The Motion Array License

The universal license of Motion Array gives you the possibility to download as many files and assets from the marketplace as you want and use them in as many projects as you want. It doesn’t matter how big the project or the distribution of the final project is in the end.

All projects you complete as a Motion Array member remain covered forever under Motion Array’s Universal License.

Note: If you cancel your Motion Array membership, you do not have to adjust your projects published until then! Only the use of the files downloaded during the membership period in new projects is no longer covered.

How MotionArray wants to control that is still a mystery to me, in my eyes it can only go by upload date, which would be very bold, or creation date of the file. Either way, I still think it’s a fair deal that you get the usage rights as long as you are a member, but after membership you don’t have to take old projects offline or adjust them.

These uses are covered by the Universal license

  • Commercials
  • Youtube Videos (with Monetazation)
  • Sports Programming
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Broadcast / Television
  • Live Events
  • Firmen Kommunikation
  • Feature Films
  • Non-Profit /NGO Communications

Motion Array Experience and Advantages

In summary, Motion Array offers a great advantage in my eyes: It bundles all conceivable media types on one platform. Hopefully, this will eliminate the need for many different platform memberships in the future, and you will finally have one place where you can find all the assets you need.

I also like the fact that the platform is much more modern and tidy than many competitors in the market. For example, Themeforest, Adobe Stock and some others.

Motion Array is also interesting in terms of price, so it costs hardly more in an annual subscription than the platforms I have used so far, Artlist or Artgrid.

The future will show whether Motion Array will manage to unite Artlist and Artgrid in a common platform without losing quality. It would be desirable, because then not only the administrative effort due to two parallel running platforms would be reduced, but also the annual fixed costs for stock subscriptions would be halved in one fell swoop. So it remains exciting, and it’s worth a try.

Also because I could imagine that Motion Array’s subscription prices might increase in the next few years. Then it’s true again. Who is early, profits.

One of the official motion array ADs

How much does Motion Array cost?

You can subscribe to Motion Array monthly for $29.99 or annually for $249.99.

What does the Motion Array license cover?

Actually everything. Only in the case of physical reproduction, e.g. as pressed data carriers, one should be careful. Learn more

Any questions? Then feel free to use the comment function under this post and I will try to help with my experience as best I can. This has the advantage that other people besides you may also benefit from it.