In case you're unhappy with artlist, which I can't imagine or realize that you maybe don't need as much music as you thought. Here I will show you how to quit Artlist.

As Artlist uses PayPal as payment processing service you will not find a "cancel button" in your Artlist account. So you just have to remove Artlist in the subscriptions of your PayPal account. And this is how it works if you want to cancel Artlist.

Cancelling the Artlist music flat rate (subscription) via the agreement of a payment by merchant booking in PayPal:

  1. Log in to Paypal with the account you have registered with Artlist. You can find the account in the Artlist account data.
  2. Select "Settings" via the gear wheel next to the "Logout" button
  3. On the page that opens, click on the "Additional settings" tab on the left and you will find a paragraph entitled "Additional account settings". Here you click on "Service provider".
  4. In the new window you can see the subscriptions you have made with your Paypal account at different services. With the action "Remove" you can revoke their authorization. 

Over the years, a few old files can accumulate here. That's why it's worth taking a look here from time to time and removing dead bodies.

Note: By the way, this way works for all Artlist platforms. So also Artgrid, MotionArray and Co. In general, this way can also be used to cancel other subscriptions that are concluded via a PayPal payment method.