Up to now Artlist.io has mainly been about music. With or without vocals in different tempi and styles. Throughout of good quality. For more than 2 years now, I’ve been using the music database of Artlist, because it saves me a lot of time with the license searches and I can put more time into the projects themselves. Furthermore, the price of 199 Dollar per year is more than fair. Compared to often difficult to understand and very dynamic license models it is even very cheap. A detailed test and field report about Artlist.io I have published here.

A few weeks ago, the Israeli start-up added another product to its range, an SFX subscription. Now all content producers, who are not happy with background music alone, will finally get their money’s worth. But also sound designers can now use the constantly growing SFX library.

Artlist.io keeps its promises also in SFX sound effects subscription

  • unlimited choice of sound effects
  • New sound effects are added every week
  • unlimited number of downloads of as many sound effects as you want
  • Effects can be used for a lifetime
  • And be used for as many projects as desired

Combined with the simple licensing model, this is for me the best source of audio content for pimping videos, short films, social media content and other visual material for which no larger budgets are available.

At 12.41 dollars a month, the SFX subscription is even slightly cheaper than the music subscription at 16.60 dollars a month. If you don’t have a subscription at Artlist yet, you should consider now to choose the Best-Value package with 25,00 dollars per month with the music and SFX content. Since Artlist pays its subscriptions once a year, you only pay 299 dollars a year for the combo model and save 49 dollar compared to two single subscriptions. With the price structure, the subscription is already worth it if you use it once a year. By the way, this link will give you two months free on top of every subscription! You are welcome to try it out.

If you have any questions about the Artlist models, please let me know in the comments below and I will try to help you as best I can with my experience.

Artlist.io discount code

You are just looking for an Artlist.io discount code? Then maybe I can help you. Although there are no real discount codes from Artlist, you will get two months for free if you sign up for one of the Artlist.io subscriptions. Have fun.

Artlist.io Sound Effects for your Videos

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